Natural Gas Technology

Mercedes-Benz NGT vehicles.

Innovative Natural Gas Technology for greater
efficiency and environmental protection.


Natural Gas Technology

In terms of both ecology and economy, a natural gas drive is a viable alternative to conventional drive concepts. In comparison with conventional gasoline or diesel fuels, its advantages lie in low emission combustion and less CO2- emissions. Mercedes-Benz combines these benefits with its innovative and high-quality NGT vehicles. Experience these new vehicle concepts and the advantages they bring.

Safe sustainable mobility

Safe and sustainable mobility with ground-breaking technology and high 
quality products. 

As an automotive technology pioneer, Mercedes-Benz regards it as both an 
aspiration and an obligation to fulfil its social and environmental responsibilities and preserve mobility for future generations. With this goal in mind, we have focused our efforts on reducing all types of emissions, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum transport efficiency and safety.

Natural gas as an alternative eco-friendly fuel.

Natural gas is very low on emissions, and nitrogen oxide values lie well 
below those of diesel engines. Moreover, the natural gas engine is significantly quieter. Compared with diesel engines, commercial vehicles equipped with natural 
gas engines produce much lower CO2 emissions and – in terms of future security – 
rely on relatively abundant natural gas reserves.


Sprinter NGT

One of the most economical vans in its class: 
the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT.

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT with bivalent natural gas drive combines environmental protection with cost-effectiveness and practicality. In bivalent
operation, the Sprinter NGT has a range of up to 1,200 km. In natural gas mode,
the Sprinter will travel up to 450 kilometres on a single tank.

Econic NGT

The perfect combination of power, reliability and environment protection: 
the Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT.

The new Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT with its Euro-6 gas engine is a specialist
among public service, refuse collection and distribution vehicles, with over 700 units already in operation worldwide. This vehicle concept has proven its outstanding reliability and operational safety since 2002 and is available in various versions for different industries.


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