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A host of safety features put the Axor ahead of the rest. Offering high levels of both active and passive safety, the crash-tested cabs come equipped with clear-lens headlamps and exterior mirrors with a smaller blind spot. For even greater safety and comfort, a number of dynamic control and assistance systems are available on request.


Telligent<sup>®</sup> systems: smoother interactions for more safety.

Telligent® systems: smoother interactions for more safety.

Telligent® systems support the driver by helping to make better interaction between the components. The systems make sure that the engine, the brakes, and the chassis are all interacting smoothly.

The Telligent<sup>®</sup> maintenance system reduces downtime.

The Telligent® maintenance system reduces downtime.

The Telligent® maintenance system continually registers all key operating data and calculates the conditions of operating fluids and wear parts, displaying any that need to be changed or replaced. This makes for optimum use of fluids and allows service appointments to be built into the vehicle’s assignment plans. This reduces downtime and significantly decreases total cost of ownership.

The Telligent® brake system helps you respond faster.

The Telligent® brake system with anti-lock braking system (ABS) electronically controls the complex brake functions of the entire vehicle combination. It identifies the rate at which the brake pedal is pressed by the driver, and calculates the desired brake pressure. The system also incorporates the engine brake or retarder in the braking process. The result: super-fast response and short stopping distances.


FleetBoard<sup>®</sup>: behind-the-scenes analysis and management.

FleetBoard®: behind-the-scenes analysis and management.

FleetBoard® is a telematics-based Internet service that facilitates effective vehicle management. Its main purpose is to reduce consumption and wear across the entire fleet by analysing how all drivers and vehicles are performing. All relevant criteria are taken into account: speed, brake usage, high revving, distances covered, stops, weight, fuel level and average consumption.


Brake Assist: for faster, more powerful braking.

The integral Brake Assist function detects hazardous situations and responds immediately, making maximum braking power instantly available to the driver.

Cruise control keeps an eye on your speed.

The cruise control/speed limiter is a combined electronic system which keeps the vehicle at or below preselected speeds, even under changing load conditions. The system enables speeds from 15 km/h up to the vehicle’s governed speed. It can also be used to increase the engine’s idling speed by a maximum of 200 rpm.


PTO variants: engine power to suit every need.

PTO variants: engine power to suit every need.

Several different PTOs (power take-offs) are available for the Axor.

  • Transmission-dependent PTOs: Gearbox-dependent and shiftable, a low-cost variant for driving a hydraulic pump without an additional propshaft. The PTO can be operated when the vehicle is stationary.
  • Rear engine PTOs: Powerful PTO, driven by the timing gears of the camshaft. It is used for equipment which must be operated also when on the move.
  • Front engine PTOs: The front engine PTO is non-shiftable, i.e. it turns as soon as the engine runs. Power transmission is via a belt pulley which is mounted additionally on the crankshaft and drives the accessory by means of a poly-V belt.

If multiple PTOs are operating simultaneously, or if a PTO needs to be operated from outside the truck, the PSM (programmable special module) is required.


PSM interface: connectivity for greater efficiency

PSM interface: connectivity for greater efficiency

The programmable special module (PSM) is an interface that allows direct exchange of information between the vehicle electronics and the attachments or body. It enables data exchange between the vehicle electronics and attachments, as well as the external control of the vehicle.


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