Good handling and versatility
for tight spaces.

The Atego is an ideal solution for medium-duty applications such as distributing goods, transporting construction materials, or in areas where increased manoeuvrability is required. With its robust and reliable technology, it efficiently performs the widest variety of tasks.

Box body

Built for versatility and easy handling. Box bodies are widely used in very diverse transport applications – in urban and short-radius distribution alike. Thanks to its versatility, the Atego is a perfect solution for many transport companies, enabling them to convey a large variety of goods and quickly respond to changing market requirements.


Bodies for all types of goods and loads.

Thanks to the Atego’s high variety of wheelbases and frame overhangs, it is possible to fit box bodies in many different lengths. The Z-profile front frame section, 2,645 mm long, bolted together with frame side rails, is engineered for a robust chassis-to-body combination. Mercedes-Benz is the market leader in terms of body builder support and will help you build the perfect vehicle for your specific operation.

Additional stabilisers for even more safety and comfort.

For vehicles with high bodies and a high centre of gravity, Mercedes-Benz provides additional axle stabilisers to reduce tilting and roll of the body, thus increasing ride comfort and ensuring safer handling.

Optional pre-installed wiring for tail-lift and lighting.

For vehicle owners who wish to equip the truck with a tail-lift, Mercedes-Benz supplies the Atego with the wiring harness and the legally prescribed switch for the tail-lift. And if cargo lighting is required, the pre-wiring and the switch inside the cab are delivered ex-factory.


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